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The Classical Guitar Workbook:

Level 1 is a method for beginner guitarists of all ages, which, with the companion volume The Classical Guitar Workbook: Level 2, takes the student from first steps on the instrument to approximately Grade One standard. It teaches both right and left hand technique, reading music and finding notes on the guitar.

Apoyando (rest stroke) and tirando (free stroke), arpeggio technique, playing notes together, moving freely around the fingerboard, and many other skills, are all encouraged in this method. The Classical Guitar Workbook involves a radically new and ergonomic approach to learning the guitar. By starting with music placed on the narrow frets (the higher positions on the fingerboard), it enables the student to develop an effortless 'concert guitarist' technique right from the beginning. This can gradually be carried further down the fingerboard to the widest frets (first position) as the fingers strengthen through use, and their

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stretch naturally extends. This approach avoids the majority of beginners' errors in technique, which can easily occur when starting traditionally in first position, and which too often seriously restrict a guitarist's progress and potential.

The book came about in order to give student guitarists an approachable, easy to follow, and fast-achieving method, without the distraction of mistakes in technique which would need to be changed for further development.

The Classical Guitar Workbook is written as a support for teachers, as well as for guitarists who wish to learn alone. A supplementary volume to the workbooks, The Classical Guitar Ensemble, provides music for two or more guitarists playing together. The extended version of The Classical Guitar Workbook, with detailed explanation of the technique behind the music, will be published as The Complete Classical Guitar Workbook.